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The mission of the K.O.G. (Keepers of the Gate) Warrior Project is to make a positive impact in the lives of young men within an environment that promotes the performing arts, character development, mentorship and academic support.

The K.O.G. Warriors are a group of energetic and motivated young men who are inspired to use their lives to make a difference in their community. The K.O.G. Warriors were birthed into existence by the vision and foresight of Jeffrey D. Hodges, President of the Imani Community Development Corporation. What began as a one-night performance has evolved into an explosion of young men crying out in thirsty pursuit to fulfill their destiny of becoming the premier leaders of tomorrow.

The K.O.G. Warriors are taking the Chicagoland area by storm with their electrifying and energetic testimonies and drill routines. This group of young men is not just gifted in their dance, but many of them are singers, actors, and profound orators. We are not satisfied with them haphazardly using their raw talents. We expect excellence in every area of their lives.

During every gathering, they are required to quote the K.O.G. Warrior Creed , which is a declaration and renunciation of their pursuit. Our standard for these young men is very high, and we have given them criteria that they are required to follow. Because we do not expect them to reach their goal alone, we provide them with academic support, social skills training, and mentorship.

The K.O.G. Warriors membership is made up of young men from all walks of life - former gang members and/or drug dealers, unemployed, lack training, experienced the tragedy of losing both of their parents. Others are stellar students, sports players and members of close-knit, supportive families. Some, however, still cope with the difficulties of everyday peer pressure and the struggles of inner city life. Despite their current and past situations, the K.O.G. Warriors are a glowing example of young men who are overcoming through moral support and encouragement, guidance, direction, and a positive environment.

K.O.G. Warriors program is a ministry whereby we provide leadership and direction for youth ages 7-25. Groups are categorized by age to assure the overall progress of the organization 7-10, 11-13, 14-18 and 19-25. We provide services to at-risk youth residing on the southeast side of Chicago.
Here we offer a two tier mentoring program consisting of team mentoring and peer mentoring. Youth graduating from our mentoring program are able to qualify to become peer mentors under the direction of the program director.

King of Glory Mentoring program offers a place for youth to get the guidance and direction necessary to become productive members of society. We are faith based program therefore our mentoring offers a spiritual component to assisting in life development skills. We offer team mentoring which means that a team of mentors work together to provide the proper leadership for youth. Working as a team assists the youth in gaining communication skills as well as allows us to provide support to the youth effectively and efficiently by focusing on the strengths of the mentor.

Each week we offer focused activities for youth in order to prepare them for their futures. We mix a variety of games and activities along with academic and life skills training's to help shape the lives of our young people.

Monday 6-8 Basketball
Tuesday- Every 2nd Tuesday Arts Development
6-7 Homework/ tutoring
7-9 Spiritual growth and Development

Saturday- One Saturday per month we offer a special activity for youth based on season and mentee needs. Or community service day.

Sunday 2:00pm – 4:15 Mentoring – Discussion of different topics with mentor/ mentee

We offer guidance and direction as mentors need assistance. For after hour’s emergency assistance please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. Mentors are asked to end communication with mentees at 9:30pm in order to assure ethical and personal growth and development.
King of Glory Tabernacles Mentoring program seeks the following outcomes for mentees:

1. Introduce all mentees to the word of God.
2. Maintain or increase school performance, as verified by data from the mentee’s school.
2. Improve social and life skills, as measured through a survey instrument.
3. Identify and achieve one community-service goal, such as volunteering to serve four evening meals at a homeless shelter.
4. Select one to four personal goals and achieve 75 percent of those during the year of the program.
The K.O.G. Warrior Project is a mentoring program established to provide a safe haven for young men who are seeking to escape social ills currently plaguing much of our community. This promising project will also serve as a foundation for young men seeking to enhance their existing levels of academic and social excellence. In an attempt to restructure and stabilize the self-perception held by many of today’s young men, a comprehensive core of programs and services will address a variety of character deficiencies.

A major goal of the K.O.G. Warrior Project is to instill value into the lives of each participant. It is our belief that participants will experience growth in many areas of their lives as a result of their involvement. This single element, value, is a necessary tool in shaping the youth of today. It is also our belief that the power that exists within the leaders of tomorrow will only be released through a demonstration of commitment.

Our mentors provide positive role models and advocacy for youth who are in need of guidance and opportunities for social growth. Mentoring is a trusting one-to-one relationship that focuses on developing youth strengths, interests and needs. The primary purpose in mentoring is role modeling and building supports and partnerships with youth and families in their communities
Mentors must be at least 18 years old. Must have completed the training course required by the Mentor Agency and the affiliated program. It is recommended that mentors have at least one year of experience in working with youth.
This is a yearlong mentoring program. In order to assure the effectiveness of the program we are asking all mentors to commit for at least one year of service. On average this would require about 10-15 hours per week. We are asking that you are available for mentor emergencies, situations requiring medical or police assistance re asked to be directed to 911. Ending 9:30pm.
• Must be able to work as a member of a Child & Family Team.
• Must be dependable and responsible.
• Must be flexible.
• Must enjoy working with children/adolescents.
• Must be nurturing and patient.
• Must be supportive and objective.
• Must use good judgment.
• Must possess good written, verbal, listening and communication skills.
• Must be able to problem solve independently.
• Must be open to a variety of cultural experiences.
• Must be outgoing and active.
• Must be able to provide structure.
• Must be able to set limits and provide appropriate consequences for undesirable behavior.
• Must be able to provide praise and reinforcement for desired behavior.
• Must be receptive to direction and feedback from the Child & Family Team.
• Must have knowledge of program philosophy and believe in the strength-based approach.
• Must be able to provide emotional support in order to help the child sort out feelings and channel them productively.
• Must be able to provide objective and unconditional care and acceptance.
• Must have a Driver's License and auto insurance, if transporting youth and/or family members. If no Driver's License, individual must sign a waiver.
• Must have completed the application process that includes a criminal background and driving history check.